Types of Tattoo Needle Cartridges- Which One Suits You Most?

Types of Tattoo Needle Cartridges- Which One Suits You Most?

Before you purchase your next tattoo needle cartridge, know a few things. You should know that cartridge needles contain a high-quality silicone tip, which helps the needle remain steady during the tattooing process. This allows for a better flow of ink, resulting in smoother strokes. Another benefit of cartridge needles is that they hold a good amount of ink, making them a great option for beginners. On the other hand, bug pin needles are thinner than cartridge needles. As a result, they do not leave a needle streak, making them perfect for seamlessly coloring.

Magnum needles:

A mag needle is the most popular tattoo needle, with good reason. These needles are larger and wider than conventional round needles so that you can cover more skin areas in a shorter amount of time. However, while a mag is an excellent choice for tattooing, you must be careful when using it. There are a few important things to remember when using them. Read on to learn more. And remember, practice makes perfect!


Tattoo artists should never be without shaders for their needles. Some tattoo machines use special cartridges, which are made from medical-grade plastic and 316L surgical stainless steel. Inconsistencies in each cartridge must be investigated carefully to use the right shader for the job. Tattoo machines should also use trusted brands for consistent products. Electrum Supply offers tried and true brands of tattoo needle cartridges at affordable prices.


EZTAT2 tattoo needle cartridges are compatible with all standard cartridge grips and machines. The cartridges are sealed with a safety membrane that prevents ink from passing through the needle tube. The needle’s low profile housing and light tip body provide ease of tattooing. Compared to standard tattoo needles, EZ cartridges offer greater ink flow.

The best quality tattoo needles and tattoo cartridges are the ones that have perfect soldering. This is especially true when it comes to tattoo needles. The needles with this cartridge are extremely sharp, and the metal is above-average hard. As a result, they have a high level of trust among tattoo artists. We tested this tattoo needle cartridge to see whether it meets all requirements. Thankfully, it does, and it ranked first in our rating.

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